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silver lining

So if you think about it carefully every negative or difficult experience in our lives has a positive effect as well. Often it is possible to turn a negative situation into a more constructive positive experience if we want to. For exsmple we might have a dofficult and frustrating experience at work. Well we can grudge and complain about it or basically accept the fact that for the most part, we can not change the overall situation. However what we can do is that we can  change our own outlook. Try to get a project that excites us, find something that perhaps we wanted to do for a long time but never was able to get to it. Develop a hobby, do something new. From my own personal experience I have realized that once you start doing that you’d almost be grateful that you ran into a frustrating and agonizing experience.Imagine of you always had a rewarding work life – you’d never have thought of doing something new.

This applies to other tjings in life as well. There’s always a silver lining. All you need to do is to find it.

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